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The Role of Supplements in Preventing Dis-ease

by Richard de Laat

Focus on Prevention or Treatment

Reading today in my Dutch pharmaceutical weekly journal of the KNMP that keeps me up to date about developments in Holland, made it come home to me. Obviously, I would say - the focus is on using medicin CORRECTLY for a certain disease. What is fascinating to me is that there is no view on what can be done to prevent dis-eases. A typical example of the "McNamara Fallacy" where we run after one truth, forgetting that there are many more others. The McNamara fallacy is especially dangerous as an occupational hazard when one is a specialist, eg. in the medical field.  So the Dutch health insurance companies are now tracking all medication of a patient across pharmacies, and look whether the doctors involved are complying with the standards of the NHG - the national doctors association. So there is the self-fulfilling profecy: More and more doctors (up to over 80%) comply with the standards. And today, these standards are still about lowering cholesterol, and taking proton-pump antagonists when people have acid reflux or take NSAID pain killers. No mention of the root causes (carbohydrates and gluten) or consequences (metabolic problems, lack of absorbtion of iron, protein, etc.)

I deliberately like to write dis-ease it as such - because many if not most diseases are the consequence of a body being out of balance, "ease" is gone and symptoms show up. Most of us are pretty unaware of what it takes to stay healthy - or, if aware, defy the consequences because they show up far later - e.g. the smokers, which in essence kills lots of people every day at a high cost for society - because someone has to foot the bill when these people end up in hospital. It is a human systems' problem - because we have little interest in something that happens with a delay of more than an hour, let alone years. And then we like to relinquish the responsibility to "getting older" and "age-related diseases."

What we do know today, is that there are many other truths out there. Thanks to the social media, like twitter or facebook they are coming to the wider awareness sooner. At least you have an opportunity to get informed before you go to the doctor, or after you come back with a story. You can now be a partner in deciding in your treatment - or take responsibility yourself. 

Supplements are needed today because the foodindustry likes to produce stuff that is cheap, keeps long,  pretty much deprived of essential nutrients, and geared to addict you to the taste, whether through sugar, MSG or other E-compounds. And mind you, they do so because you keep eating it! Simply supply and demand at work (with the help of significant advertising, of course.)

Most dis-eases today are of a (nutritional) behavior nature, i.e. caused by a long term behavior that affects our well-being. Due to the delay factor we think this to be a normal development. For example, last week I visited Gibraltar. I have seen more really  overweight (fat, sorry) Brits than ever before. Restaurants there give you what you ask for: Fish and Chips - and chips with everything else. I am sure that those BMI 35-plus people think it is normal when they look around them. I wonder how many are on statin drugs, and what costs that brings back to the NHS. 

I have come to the conclusion for myself that becoming a fat-burner through making 70-80% of my diet healthy fats, reduce protein, virtually eliminate carbohydrates and avoid gluten, has made a huge difference in my quality of life, energy and clarity of mind. Focused supplementation is a necessary step, so you keep your body functioning like a well-oiled engine (pun intended.) Whether iodine,  anti-oxidants, Mg or Zn, they are needed because the food we buy does not have it anymore. 

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